The concept of this app is to show nearby incident which happened in last 48hrs. It allow users to create an alert regarding any incident they just saw. If someone creates any alert nearby your location the app notify the user that something happened nearby you. The other user also can mark the created incident as spam or not confirm it. The attraction of the app is their icons using while creatin any alert.


  • Register/Login.
  • Send Link.
  • Create Alert, Confirm Alert And Report Alert.
  • Set pin Loaction and select alert type.
  • See Match Restuarent.
  • you can delete your created alert.
  • Easy You can get Notification to alert.


These apps are useful in enhancing client satisfaction. G Alert mobile apps help Aware Created accident Alerts expansion and lessening hold up time. One of the primary features of such apps is the capability for Indicate The user. There are a few mobile applications that interface clients with the nearest . They give every single imperative detail for Accident Alert.


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