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UI/UX App Solutions

Today's digital world, which tends to exist in virtual space, has a website that gives you a digital identity. To achieve this, the rapid growth of internet usage has significantly changed to the extent that businesses need a solid online presence. So your business must have a responsive or user-friendly website for its growth.

We offer comprehensive UI/UX services, including branding, responsive web design, mobile app design, user experience, or promotional designs with the help of the latest tools or technologies. Our team of experts brings interactive solutions, empowering, flexible and specifically made for your company brand. We know the importance of designing easy-to-use apps with fewer input processes to give efficient outputs.

Hire our expert UI/UX developers and get solutions from us to meet your business requirements. We help our clients by simplifying designing techniques that create lasting impacts on the user's mind and increase your brand awareness.

Our main motive is to deliver simple, stunning, or user-centric design to engage more users. We provide a fantastic customer experience with perfect (UI) User Interface Design & (UX) User Experience to create an overall brand experience.

  • Creative briefs
  • Create mock-up designs by using UI tools
  • We use the latest web design or modern tools like Adobe
    Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
  • We have a team of front-end technology expertise
  • Information Architecture
  • Help Startups, SBM's, Enterprises

Mobile UI/UX Design

We provide the best mobile application design or development solutions to help your business lead in the digital market. Also, we offer impactful solutions through enabling web applications, native applications, or hybrid mobile applications. And also we publish quality app development solutions by rendering the best speed, customer interaction, revenue expansion and so forth. As we know, only the UI or UX is insufficient for app development, so we bring solution integration, security, QA, or other app improvements using the user interface. 811

Web UI/ UX Design

We provide various innovative technological solutions, including web designing services, web, and mobile application development and internet marketing services. We offer front-end or back-end services and grow your business with a custom web application. We provide end-to-end web application development per industry needs by choosing the right technology.

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Wearable UI/UX Designs

Wearables are electronic technology or devices which are incorporated into items that are worn on the body. These wearable devices help track information, including motion sensors that take a snapshot of your daily activity, and you can sync it with mobile devices or laptops. Wearable electronics are among the next most noteworthy innovations in technology after smartphones. It helps make the business workplace more efficient and safe as it is most useful when there is a need to rescue the team in an emergency with help tracking the location of an emergency.

Different wearable devices present here are:

  • Smart Watches
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Sport Watches

Brand Identify & Design

We hold everything you require to create, build or market your brand. We use strategic thinking and intelligent design to engage large audiences and increase brand awareness to stimulate positive change for large organizations. Get Innovative design solutions that will help your business to stand in the market among competitors.

Logo design

  • Corporate Identity design
  • Corporate branding services

Some of Our Work

As we know, the first impression is the last, or a creative website gives the first impression as best to the website visitors. If your website looks attractive, then it will engage more traffic. So we built SEO-friendly websites to develop your website worldwide. Learn Web development from our team and learn basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, or Java scripts. We build your website using these tools, which attract more customers to your business by showing your website effectively. View Portfolio

View Portfolio

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Frequently asked questions

Questions you might ask about our services.

How much does it cost to build an app?

The cost of building an app varies greatly depending on a number of factors, such as the complexity of the app, the type of app (e.g. native app or hybrid app), the platform(s) it will run on (e.g. iOS, Android, web), the features included, the development team you work with, and the geographical location of the development team.

We provide the best ecommerce standard app which you can design your app using our app builder application. We are charging to post the application on your profile.

How do you create an app without any coding?

Creating an app without any coding is possible by using our app builder platform. These platforms provide a visual click interface, allowing you to build an app by assembling pre-made building blocks, rather than writing code.

GOSOFTTECH SOLUTIONS: A platform that enables you to create apps for iOS, Android, and HTML5, without any coding required.

It's important to note that this platform has limitations, and your app may not have the same level of functionality or customization as an app built from scratch. However, using a GOSOFTTECH SOLUTIONS app builder can be a good option if you're looking to create a simple app or prototype quickly, or if you're not comfortable with coding. You can contact us if you require any more information.

How much does it cost to publish an app on the app store?

The cost of publishing an app on the app store depends on the platform you're publishing on. Here are the fees for publishing an app on the two main app stores:

Apple App Store: To publish an app on the Apple App Store, you'll need to enroll in the Apple Developer Program, which costs $99 per year. Once enrolled, you can publish as many apps as you like.

Google Play Store: To publish an app on the Google Play Store, you'll need to pay a one-time registration fee of $25. After that, you can publish as many apps as you like.

It's worth noting that these fees only cover the cost of publishing an app. There may be additional costs associated with developing and maintaining an app, such as hosting, testing, and marketing. Additionally, if you're using a no-code app builder or a low-code platform, there may be additional fees for premium features or functionalities.

Is it hard to create an app?

With the help of GOSOFTTECH SOLUTIONS app, creating an app can be made effortless for you. Simply follow the guidelines outlined in the user manual and design your app to your liking. The rest will be handled by our team, including publishing the app to either the iOS or Google Play store under your profile.

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